Throughout her professional career, CJ has learned from the industry’s finest. With over two decades of production accounting experience, CJ has been mentored by a vast array of accountants, auditors, and continues to strive for excellence in her role as Financial Controller at Seven24 Films.

CJ’s first production accounting experience was on the television movies Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (Universal), quickly followed by Women of Windsor (Samuels Film Company). CJ continued in production accounting, working on the features Legends of the Fall (Tristar), Murder at 1600 (Warner Bros), To Save the Children (CBS) and For All time, and The Secret of the Nutcracker (CBC).

CJ has extensive series and mini-series experience working on the Emmy nominated mini-series In Cold Blood (Pacific Motion Pictures), Honey I Shrunk the Kids (Disney), Lonesome Dove (RHI/Hallmark), North of 60 (CBC) and Secret Service (NBC).

CJ has also worked on a variety of lifestyle and reality series including Fixing Dinner (Food Network), Fish out of Water (APTN), Ice Racer Showdown (CMT) and the CBC documentaries Battle for Bagdad and Balletlujah.

An alumnus of the University of Toronto and Royal Conservatory, CJ enjoys her time cooking in the kitchen while sharing a glass of wine with good friends.


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