It’s Christmastime at Heartland. Lou’s husband Peter maybe not be able to make it for Christmas and so she obsesses more than usual about making everything perfect for a traditional Christmas.


But Lou’s plans are altered by an anonymous call about starving and abandoned horses trapped in an avalanche. Amy insists that they go and check the situation out. Lou is not happy, but with Amy’s assurance that they’ll be back in plenty of time for Christmas, she and Ty head off on the long trek to Pike River. This does not sit well with either Grandpa Jack or Amy’s father, Tim.

Meanwhile, back at Heartland, Mallory‘s tacky Christmas decorations totally clash with Lou’s tasteful and colour co-coordinated decorations as they anxiously wait for their families to return home. And Caleb and Ashley discover you don’t need expensive gifts to have the perfect Christmas…

Cast: Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston, Chris Potter, Graham Wardle
Executive Producers: Tom Cox, Jordy Randall, Michael Weinberg, Heather Conkie
Producer: Tina Grewal
Writer: Heather Conkie
Director: Dean Bennett