As the sole survivor of a massacre at the Boston restaurant where she was a chef, it's no wonder the skittish Reece Gilmore (Heather Locklear) wants to escape her life.

She hits the open road with no destination in mind, desperate for a fresh start. When her car gives out in a picturesque Wyoming town, Reece takes a job at the local diner, hoping to earn enough cash to keep moving. But as she gets to know the townspeople, she considers putting the past behind her and settling down there — until she witnesses a murder while hiking. Now she’s traumatized again, and not just by the killing: When the cops check out the crime scene, there is absolutely no evidence of the murder, and everyone doubts her story — which leads Reece to question her own sanity.

An Alberta Film Entertainment Co-production

Based on the novel by Nora Roberts

Cast: Heather Locklear, Jonathon Schaech, Gary Hudson
Producers: Tom Cox, Salli Newman, Murray Ord, Jordy Randall
Writer: Janet Brownell
Director: Ralph Hemecker