In Calgary on business for Lynx River Resources, Teevee Tenia is in the wrong place at the wrong time when a troubled young native woman reaches out to him for help and sets him up for a murder charge.

Teevee is the perfect fall guy – young, alone and native. Teevee struggles to hold his own in the urban justice system, while Corporal Michelle Kenidi frantically searches for evidence that will exonerate him. Her efforts are thwarted and Teevee escapes and flees back to Lynx River. Michelle is left with a terrible choice: to turn Teevee in, or to betray the justice system that she has built her career on. Her only chance is to uncover the truth.

Cast: Tina Keeper, Dakota House
Executive Producers: Tom Cox, Doug MacLeod
Producer: Jordy Randall
Writers: Peter Lauterman, Andrew Wreggitt
Director: Gary Harvey