“Burn Up” is a high stakes conspiracy thriller set against the backdrop of the oil industry. It is a story that mirrors the world in which we live and where we struggle to be both economically successful and globally responsible.


We follow the charismatic and ambitious Tom McConnell, who at first glance seems like the perfect man to take over as the new Chairman of Arrow Oil. But after mysterious deaths and after an Inuit woman commits suicide by lighting herself on fire, protesting what the oil companies are doing to her native land, he begins a dangerous inquiry into the dealings of his company.

“Burn Up” is an eviscerating tale where the stakes are terrifyingly real and the climate issues, the intrigue, the global politics, the backroom dealings and the espionage are happening today in our world.

Cast: Bradley Whitford, Neve Campbell, Rupert Penry-Jones, Marc Warren
Executive Producers: Tom Cox, Stephen Garrett
Producer: Christopher Hall
Writer: Simon Beaufoy
Director: Omar Madha