Imagine a world where dinosaurs hadn't entirely disappeared from the face of the earth, they just disappeared from view. They continued to evolve and develop skills well beyond our comprehension and one of them is living among us.


This is the world of Eno, an evolved raptor-like creature, living in the traditional home of his ancestors near Drumheller, Alberta. It is also the home of Lauren Slater and Kit Whitefeather, two 14-year-old kids who discover this amazing creature. Together with their friends Danielle and Nelson, they must keep this secret from those who might try to capture Eno, including Lauren’s mother Hilary Slater, a paleontologist.

Daytime Emmy Nominee
Writers Guild of Canada Nominee
Chicago International Film Festival Award Winner

Cast: Brittney Wilson, Bronson Pelletier, Mackenzie Porter
Executive Producers: Tom Cox, Arnie Zipursky
Producers: Jim Corston, Jordy Randall
Writers: Jeff Biederman, Pat Connelly, David Richard Fox, Jeff King, Therèse Beaupre
Directors: David Winning, Dean Bennett, Brendan Sheppard, Pat Williams