Set in the rolling foothills of the Rockies, Heartland follows life on the Heartland Ranch as Amy Fleming, her older sister Lou and their grandfather Jack deal with the challenges of running the ranch that has been in their family for generations.

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Heartland chronicles the turbulent life of gifted horse trainer Amy Fleming as she struggles to balance the social, romantic and emotional pressures of teenage life with her overwhelming responsibilities at Heartland, after a tragic accident claims the life of her mother, Marion. Amy has inherited her mother’s ability to listen to horses and understand what they really need. Amy struggles to deal with her own guilt about her mother’s death while she clings to what Marion taught her. Especially when she discovers there’s a dark secret hidden behind the pastoral façade – the farm is bankrupt.  Will her sister Lou give up everything she’s worked for to come home and bail them out?

Heartland reveals long-held secrets and shocking betrayals. Old rivalries and new rules.  High-minded ideals and the stark realities of the bottom line.  It’s in this world that Amy must find the strength and courage to continue Heartland’s legacy.

Heartland is the longest-running one-hour drama in the history of Canadian television.

Banff Media Festival Rockie Award Winner
Director’s Guild of Canada Award Winner
AMPIA Award Winner
Gemini Award Nominee

Based on Lauren Brooke’s best-selling novels

Cast: Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston, Graham Wardle, Chris Potter, Alisha Newton, Jessica Amlee, Nathaniel Arcand
Executive Producers: Tom Cox, Jordy Randall, Michael Weinberg, Heather Conkie
Producer: Jamie Paul Rock
Writers: Heather Conkie, Mark Haroun, Ken Craw, Pamela Pinch, Bonnie Fairweather
Directors: Bruce McDonald, Dean Bennett, Gail Harvey, Dawn Wilkinson, Eleanore Lindo