When multimillionaire cattleman Jack Mercy dies, he leaves his large Montana ranch to his three daughters — all half sisters and complete strangers to one another.

According to Jack’s will, the three women will only receive their inheritance under one condition: They must live together at the ranch for a full year. The trio expects this forced family reunion won’t be a walk in the park, but they don’t anticipate a saboteur in their presence determined to see them fail. It seems their father left behind a few enemies when he passed away, and it’s up to his unsuspecting offspring to deal with his mess or kiss their inheritance goodbye.

An Alberta Film Entertainment Co-production

Based on the novel by Nora Roberts

Cast: Ashley Williams, John Corbett, Charlotte Ross, Diane Ladd
Producers: Tom Cox, Salli Newman, Murray Ord, Jordy Randall
Writer: April Smith
Director: Mike Robe