Shoebox Zoo is the story of Marnie McBride, who was uprooted from Denver, Colorado and replanted in Edinburgh after the death of her mother. On her 11th birthday, Marnie finds four strange, Celtic figures in a dusty shoebox that will change her life forever.


a silver eagle with a wooden wing, a grizzly bear made of stone, a snake cast in gold, and a wolf carved in wood. Their quest – soon to be her quest too – is to find the lost Book of Magic and return it within the year or remain silent, lifeless carvings forever.

BAFTA Scotland Award Winner

Cast: Alan Cumming, Rik Mayall, Siobhan Redmond, Bill Paterson
Executive Producers: Tom Cox, Claire Mundell, John Morayniss
Producers: Jordy Randall, John Morayniss
Writers: Justin Molotnikov, Brian Ward, Claire Mundell, Sarah Dodd
Directors: Justin Molotnikov, James Henry, Francis Damberger, Grant Harvey