Angela, a young woman from a boisterous, blue-collar family returns to her apartment after a crazy dinner with the family and longs for the Norman Rockwell world of civility she sees in her antique Christmas snow globe.


That night, in a dream, she finds herself transported into the winter wonderland that is Snow Globe. She wakes the next morning to discover that it wasn’t a dream and that she has the ability to travel back into that world whenever she pleases. The movie explores Angela’s adventures when the two universes collide and the man of her dreams from Snow Globe decides to pay the real world a visit, with comic results on both sides of the glass.

An Alberta Film Entertainment Co-production

Cast: Lorraine Bracco, Christina Milian, Matt Keeslar
Producers: Tom Cox, Jordy Randall, Murray Ord
Writers: Garrett Frawley, Brian Turner
Director: Ron Lagomarsino