Inspired to leave his small North Carolina hometown to teach in one of New York City’s public schools, Ron Clark uses his enthusiasm, creativity and passion to reach his toughest students.


The Ron Clark Story is the true account of this innovative teacher, who strives to tap into his students’ potential, talents and abilities, gaining their respect and ultimately raising their test scores to the highest level in the school. Clark went on to win Teacher of the Year, was featured in Oprah’s O magazine and has written a number of very successful books on education and child rearing.

An Alberta Film Entertainment Co-production

Emmy Award Nominee
Golden Globe Nominee
Screen Actors Guild Award Nominee
Writers Guild of America Nominee

Cast: Matthew Perry, Ernie Hudson
Producers: Tom Cox, Jordy Randall, Murray Ord, Craig McNeil
Writers: Annie DeYoung, Max Enscoe
Director: Randa Haines