With a reputation for delivering world-class content, SEVEN24 Films is one of Canada’s leading production companies. SEVEN24 has the unique distinction of producing Heartland, the longest-running one-hour drama in the history of Canadian television.

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Wynonna Earp

A fast-paced, contemporary thriller that follows Wyatt Earp’s great granddaughter as she battles demons and other supernatural beings.


Young Drunk Punk

From the clever and caustic mind of Bruce McCulloch, YOUNG DRUNK PUNK is an original comedy about the trials and tragedy of growing up on the fringes of society.



Set in the rolling foothills of the Rockies, Heartland follows life on the Heartland Ranch as Amy Fleming, her older sister Lou and their grandfather Jack deal with the challenges of running the ranch that has been in their family for generations.


Gavin Crawford’s Wild West

Gavin Crawford’s Wild West is a comedic television special that stars Gavin Crawford as six distinct characters, each representing a different aspect of the society of the Canadian province of Alberta, shot in a mockumentary format.


Wild Roses

It’s been two years since the death of her husband, and against all odds, Maggie Henry and her daughters have managed to run Rivercross Ranch on their own. But the sudden return of black sheep daughter Lucy, a free-spirited dreamer, opens old wounds within the family.


Burn Up

“Burn Up” is a high stakes conspiracy thriller set against the backdrop of the oil industry. It is a story that mirrors the world in which we live and where we struggle to be both economically successful and globally responsible.



Imagine a world where dinosaurs hadn't entirely disappeared from the face of the earth, they just disappeared from view. They continued to evolve and develop skills well beyond our comprehension and one of them is living among us.


The Mountain

Boundary Mountain is an escapist playground for wealthy tourists and extreme sports enthusiasts, but to the Carver family, it's home.


Shoebox Zoo

Shoebox Zoo is the story of Marnie McBride, who was uprooted from Denver, Colorado and replanted in Edinburgh after the death of her mother. On her 11th birthday, Marnie finds four strange, Celtic figures in a dusty shoebox that will change her life forever.


Tom Stone

Tom Stone is the story of a Calgary ex-cop, ex-rig worker and ex-con who gets recruited to work undercover for RCMP Corporal Marina Di Luzio, a commercial crime specialist from Toronto.


North of 60

Lynx River is a remote settlement in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The presence of both native and white residents sets the stage for both cultural and personal conflicts.