Mayerthorpe is the gut-wrenching account of the years, months and days leading up to March 3, 2005 - the date well-known local criminal Jimmy Roszko murdered four RCMP officers...


Waking Up Wally

In 1991, the Gretzkys’ lives change forever when Walter Gretzky suffer a stroke. Suddenly, precious memories and nearly every recollection of his son Wayne’s record-smashing career are gone.


The Sheldon Kennedy Story

This movie tells the true story of NHL hockey player Sheldon Kennedy who, with the love of his wife Jana, found the courage to expose the sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of his junior hockey coach.


The Ron Clark Story

Inspired to leave his small North Carolina hometown to teach in one of New York City’s public schools, Ron Clark uses his enthusiasm, creativity and passion to reach his toughest students.


Family Sins

Frances Burt was a pillar of the community in Rhode Island, praised for selflessly taking in foster children and helping others, even though she had her hands full with her own children.



Angela, a young woman from a boisterous, blue-collar family returns to her apartment after a crazy dinner with the family and longs for the Norman Rockwell world of civility she sees in her antique Christmas snow globe.


Dawn Anna

Dawn Anna is the powerful true story of a beloved teacher, coach and single mother who comes to terms with her own mortality in the struggle with a near-fatal brain mass.


Smoke Screen

When newswoman Britt Shelley wakes up to find herself in bed with Jay Burgess, a rising star detective in the Charleston PD, she remembers nothing of how she got there...or of how Jay wound up dead.


On Strike for Christmas

At Christmastime, it seems as though a woman’s work is never done. Trimming the tree, mailing the cards, schlepping to the mall, the endless wrapping—bah humbug!



Borealis is set 30 years in the future, the world’s last oil reserves have been exposed in the thawing Arctic, due to global warming.


The 19th Wife

In the suspense/thriller The 19th Wife, Fundamentalist sect member BeckyLyn is accused of killing her husband.


A Heartland Christmas

It’s Christmastime at Heartland. Lou’s husband Peter maybe not be able to make it for Christmas and so she obsesses more than usual about making everything perfect for a traditional Christmas.


Santa Baby 2

Santa's in the midst of a late-life crisis -- he's tired of the responsibilities of the job and is ready to pass on the reins to his daughter Mary, who feels torn between the family business and running her own high stakes firm in New York City.


Dear Prudence

Prudence Macintyre is a Martha Stewart-like celebrity columnist and television personality.


Snow 2

Santa Claus’ son, Nick Snowden is currently living in the North Pole and helping his family prepare for Christmas. As a result of the pressure and stress in his life, Nick decides that he needs a break and leaves the North Pole.


Santa Baby

Mary Class is a highly successful business executive with a secret that's about to be uncovered --she is the daughter of Santa Claus.


For the Love of a Child

For Yvonne and Sara, it has been a long and unexpected road from being wartime entertainers in US military bases, to building the Child Help organization into a leading safehouse for children.


A Friend of the Family

After moving into a seemingly nice small town, Alison learns that a dangerous serial killer is on the loose there.


Chasing freedom

Chasing Freedom depicts the horrors of life under the Taliban in Afghanistan and one young woman’s grueling attempt to gain political asylum in the United States.


12 Days of Christmas Eve

“Twelve Days of Christmas Eve” stars Steven Weber as insensitive businessman Calvin Carter. After spending Christmas Eve ignoring his family in favor of a business deal, Calvin walks out of his office and is suddenly struck by a falling sign.


Angels Fall

As the sole survivor of a massacre at the Boston restaurant where she was a chef, it's no wonder the skittish Reece Gilmore (Heather Locklear) wants to escape her life.


Blue Smoke

After witnessing an uncontrollable blaze burn her family's pizzeria to the ground when she was just 11 years old, it's no wonder that Reena (Alicia Witt) decides to become an arson investigator.


Carolina Moon

Returning to her hometown to make peace with her unsettling past wouldn't be easy for Tory (Claire Forlani) even if she didn't have a gift for psychic visions.


High Noon

Expert hostage negotiator Lieutenant Phoebe McNamara juggles her high-pressure career with the demands of raising her young daughter and contending with her agoraphobic mother, Essie.


Montana Sky

When multimillionaire cattleman Jack Mercy dies, he leaves his large Montana ranch to his three daughters — all half sisters and complete strangers to one another.


Northern Lights

Former Baltimore policeman Nate Burns was hoping to start a new life by accepting the job of chief of police in the town of Lunacy, Alaska.


Holiday in Handcuffs

"Holidays in Handcuffs" stars Melissa Joan Hart is an aspiring painter stuck working as a waitress. The pressure to please her parents builds as she blows a job interview and gets dumped by her boyfriend, leading to a nervous breakdown.


The Christmas Blessing

It has been many years since Nathan Andrews (Neil Patrick Harris) lost his beloved mother on Christmas Eve. Nathan has grown up and is now a medical resident.


Identity Theft

Identity Theft is the true story of Michelle Brown, a young woman whose identity is stolen. The thief purchases hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and services in Michelle’s name, and then tries to actually become Michelle through plastic surgery.


Another Country

In Calgary on business for Lynx River Resources, Teevee Tenia is in the wrong place at the wrong time when a troubled young native woman reaches out to him for help and sets him up for a murder charge.


Distant Drumming

Teevee Tenia has a plan - he intends to persuade Lynx River to dump the RCMP and establish an all Dene Police Force.


Dream Storm

The body of a trapper from the community of Swan Landing washes up on the banks of Lynx River while the two towns are in bitter negotiations over a new gas pipeline.


In The Blue Ground

Someone – or something – is stalking the woods of Lynx River, a small isolated town in the unforgiving wilderness.


Trial By Fire

Blood may be thicker than water, but when RCMP officer Michelle Kenidi’s brother becomes a suspect in a deadly case of arson, only one thing matters – the truth.